Webinar – “”Doing qualitative research in a digital world” 1. October 2020

Doing qualitative research in a digital world – Key takeaways for PhD students during a pandemic

We recognize that the pandemic may cause frustration and challenges, especially for PhD students, and invite all PhD students at the Social science faculty at UiA to this webinar.The speakers will introduce key takeaways from their upcoming book and engage in a discussion with us afterwards.


Trena M. Paulus, Professor, East Tennessee State University, USA

Jessica N. Lester, Associate Professor, Indiana University, USA

The speakers are, among many things, the authors of the upcoming book “Doing qualitative research in a digital world” which can provide useful insights in qualitative research processes in general and especially during the current pandemic.

Description of book
While some qualitative methods texts touch upon online communities as a potential data source, show how to conduct interviews and focus groups online, or select recording devices and analysis software, no book to date has guided readers in the creation of a comprehensive digital workflow for their research. By working through each chapter in this book, readers will be able to generate a unique digital workflow for designing and implementing their research. The book provides a deep exploration of the relationship between theories of technology, substantive theories, and methodological theory, and shows how together these inform the development of a quality research design. The authors include vignettes—narratives written by qualitative researchers describing cutting-edge use of digital tools and spaces—and also give examples of published studies, which together provide practical illustration of the content. Woven throughout is explicit attention to ethical challenges that are likely to be faced by researchers when adopting digital tools. The book invites readers to engage in a critical appraisal of the role of technology in qualitative research through reflection, conversation, and engagement with the larger community of researchers.

Speaker bios
Dr. Trena M. Paulus, Ph.D. is a Professor and Director of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities at East Tennessee State University, USA, and an affiliate faculty member with the Applied Social Research Laboratory at ETSU. She was a Professor of Qualitative Research Methods at the University of Georgia from 2014-2019, and Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Psychology and Counseling and coordinator of the Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Research Methods at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville from 2003-2014. She holds a Ph.D. from Indiana University in Instructional Systems Technology, an M.A. from Ohio University in Applied Linguistics, and a B.A. from Franklin College in English and Philosophy. Dr. Paulus’ scholarship is primarily in the area of methodological innovation, especially as it intersects with new technologies. She is co-author of Doing Qualitative Research in a Digital World (in press for 2020, Sage US), Looking for Insight Transformation and Learning in Online Talk (2019, Routledge) and Digital Tools for Qualitative Research (2014, Sage UK). Dr. Paulus is also a certified professional trainer for ATLAS.ti qualitative data analysis software.

Jessica Nina Lester, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Inquiry Methodology (Qualitative Research) in the School of Education at Indiana University, Bloomington. She holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology and Research from the University of Tennessee, a M.Ed. from University of Mary in Education, and a B.A. in Biology from Jamestown College. Much of her scholarship is situated at the intersection of discourse and conversation analysis, disability studies, and more general concerns related to qualitative research methodologies and methods. She has authored or co-authored over 80 peer reviewed journal articles as well as numerous books and book chapters. Her most recent books include Doing Qualitative Research in a Digital World (co-authored with Trena Paulus, in press, Sage US), Applied conversation analysis: Social interaction in institutional settings (co-authored with Michelle O’Reilly, Sage US), and Centering diverse bodyminds in critical qualitative inquiry (co-edited with Emily Nusbaum, with Routledge).

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