Photo: Jon Petter Thorsen, Aptum

Seniorrådgiver innen FOU-støtte

Ved Universitetet i Agder, Fakultet for samfunnsvitenskap er det ledig fast 100% stilling som seniorrådgiver/administrativ forskningsrådgiver. Stillingen inngår i fakultetets forsknings-administrative team, og vil bli særskilt knyttet til forskningssentrene Centre for Integrated Emergency Management og Centre for Digital Transformation.

Frist: 8. august 2021.

PhD Research Fellow in Responsible Data Science

The University of Agder, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Information Systems, invites applications for one full-time PhD Research Fellow in Information Systems for a period of three years, alternatively four years with 25% of the time assigned to tasks at the Faculty’s discretion. The position is located in Kristiansand, Norway.

This position is linked to the AI4Users project, which focuses on the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence in the public sector. Specifically, the position is related to responsible data science.

Apply within 30. September 2021. 

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