PhD Project: Coordination of local governments regional cooperation

PhD Fellow Barbara Zyzak

PhD Fellow Barbara Zyzak, Political Science

Due to the ongoing turbulent and changing nature of our society there is a need to face a number of complex, ‘wicked’ and “unruly” problems. Therefore, there is a growing importance of coordination of collective actions at the level of organizations. Consequently, the rise of various inter-organizational relationships is more and more evident. The main objective of the PhD project is to investigate how and why coordination of inter- municipal cooperation may affect their outcomes. The three scientific papers have been developed:

  1. Breakdown of Inter-organizational Cooperation.
  2. External Managerial Networking in Meta-organization.
  3. The impact of Networking on Innovation Outcomes in the Public Sector (working paper).

Both, qualitative and quantitative methods are applied. The empirical study compares political and administrative inter-municipal cooperation called regional councils, and the other regional governance networks that coordinate welfare technology and digitalization of public sector in Norway.

Supervisors: Professor Dag Ingvar Jacobsen (UiA), Professor Robyn Keast (Southern Cross University, Australia)

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