Digital transformation of society: challenges and knowledge needs, Monday 29. April 2019

Organizer: CeDiT – Centre for digital transformation at the University of Agder
When: Monday 29. april 11 am.-3.30 pm.
Venue: University of Agder , Campus Kristiansand, Conference room B1007.

CeDiT – Centre for Digital Transformation at the University of Agder invites Scandinavian researchers and practitioners for a conference in Kristiansand  to discuss potential challenges and knowledge needs related to the ongoing digitalization of society.

Bringing disciplines together

We aim to bring practice and research from different disciplines together for short presentations and discussions to foster improved understanding of how digitalization can affect the fundamental structures and values of society and the implications this may have for research.


Note that the first half of the program will be in Norwegian, whereas the rest will be in English. The conference is sponsored by CeDiT and UiA and there is no conference fee. However, participants are kindly requested to register here.

Register for the event  within 22. April 2019. 
No registration fee.

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