April 15-16 2020, Mini conference on Governance & Complex Networks In Times Of Turbulence And Digital Transformation

The Department of Political Science and Management and the Center for Digital Transformation (CEDIT) at the University of Agder (UiA) will host a mini conference taking place in the beautiful, sunny city of Kristiansand in Southern Norway.

Purpose of the conference

The purpose of the conference is to bring together researchers and practitioners to discuss relevant research aspects concerning change and innovation in the public sector in times of turbulence and digital transformation. Across the world, public organizations and agencies responsible for delivering a multiplicity of services – health, education, social care, etc. – are facing unprecedented challenges associated with broader government-led reforms aimed at making the sector more efficient, accountable and user-centered. This occurs against the backdrop of increasing turbulence (social, political, economic, cultural) and the transition towards a knowledge-centered and digital-oriented society and economy.

As a result, new modes of governance, leadership and citizen engagement are being experienced and tested, triggering significant effects for established concepts of leadership and coordination. A mini-conference focusing on these trends provides an opportunity to take stock of ongoing policy and scholarly developments across several sub-disciplinary fields and geographies.

This event precedes IRSPM’s 2020 annual conference in neighboring Tampere, Finland, gathering scholars and practitioners working across multiple topics and provides an unprecedented opportunity for developing new research collaborations and partnerships, including interdisciplinary ones. Moreover, it is an excellent platform for early career researchers to receive direct feedback on their work by more experienced scholars. The conference features three parallel tracks (see call for abstracts) reflecting the multi-disciplinary intent and the overall theme of the mini-conference is endorsed by two Special Interests Groups (IRSPM) – Complexity Network Governance and Connecting Public Management Researchers Practitioners for Improved Outcomes Outcomes.

Please note that there is no conference fee .

Call for abstracts

Abstracts should clearly indicate how the paper links with both the specific track (see below) as well as the overall theme of the conference.

The deadline for submitting abstracts (maximum 500 words) is 15th of December 2019.
Authors will receive confirmation of acceptance/rejection by 22nd December 2019. Please submit your abstract to: aleksandar.avramovic@uia.no

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