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Centre for Digital Transformation – CeDiT – is a social science research center at the University of Agder in Norway.  The center was established in 2018 to conduct advanced social science research from multiple disciplinary angles on the reciprocal relationships between digital transformations and societies, organizations and individuals as well as how organizations can use digital technologies to achieve goals and avoid negative consequences​. CeDiT encompasses a variety of social science disciplines and is therefore an excellent platform for interdisciplinary research.

Digital transformations

The rapid development of digital technologies and their increasing entanglement with policy, economy, culture and societal practices call for increased social science attention. The accelerated, data driven development is considered so powerful and so ingrained in society that we refer to it as a series of digital transformations (DTs). Digital technologies can serve as catalysts to address several grand societal challenges. They can also have unintended consequences and even a dark side that may alter fundamental structures in society such as distribution of power and wealth and core ideals such as justice, trust and equal opportunity. CeDiT will develop theoretical and practical insights to understand and explain relationships between DTs and societal development.

Overarching research questions

CeDiT engages with practice and academic communities to take a leading role in exploring consequences of DTs through the study of 3 overarching research questions:

  • What are the consequences of digital transformations on individuals, organizations and society?
  • What are the relationships between barriers, drivers, digital technologies, transformations and consequences?
  • How can individuals, organizations and societies realize responsible DTs and reduce the risk of negative, un-intended consequences?

Focus areas

CeDiT studies digital transformations in 4 areas central to societal development:

Governance and Government, Knowledge
Chairs: Sara Hofmann (Information systems) & Jarle Trondal (Political science)

Organizational Capabilities
Chairs: Polyxeni Vassilakoupoulo (Information systems) & Daniel Nordgård (Music, digitalisation and Music business)

Skills, Literacy & Learning
Chairs: Cathrine Edelhard Tømte (Information systems) & Romulo Miguel Pinheiro (Political science)

Chairs: Vito Laterza (Anthropology) & Alexander Ruser (Sociology)


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