Call for chapters: Scientific Foundations of Digital Governance and Transformation

Springer will publish a new book on Digital governance and invite submissions. The proposal submission deadline is 1 March 2020.

Scientific Foundations of Digital Governance and Transformation –
Concepts, Approaches and Challenges

A book to be published by Springer Publications and edited by:

Yannis Charalabidis, University of the Aegean, Greece, 
Leif Skiftenes Flak, University of Agder, Norway
Gabriela Viale Pereira, Danube University Krems, Austria

Objective of the Book

This title aims at providing the latest research advancements and findings for the scientific systematization of the Digital Governance and Transformation knowledge, such as core concepts, foundational principles, theories, methodologies, architectures, assessment frameworks, educational programs and future directions. It will bring forward the ingredients of this new domain, proposing its needed formal and systematic tools, exploring its relation with neighboring scientific domains and finally prescribing the next steps for eventually achieving the thrilling goal of laying the foundations of a new science. 

This book is an activity stemming from Government 3.0 Erasmus+ project (

Target Audience

The audience of the book includes:

●     Researchers and Practitioners in the Digital Governance Domain, Digital Transformation, Information Systems and in the broader ICT domain

●     University Students and Professors from different disciplines 

●    ICT industry experts, engaged in public sector information systems, software design and deployment projects

●     Policy makers and decision drivers at local, national or international level 

The title will contribute to the analysis of the scientific perspectives of Digital Governance and Transformation, thus becoming an indispensable support tool for scientists and practitioners, either from the administrative or the technical side.

Important dates

  • 1st March 2020 Proposal Submission Deadline
  •  15th March 2020 Notification of Proposal Acceptance
  • 1st June 2020 Full Chapter Submission Deadline
  • 1st September 2020 Notification of Chapter Acceptance & Review Results
  • 1st November 2020 Camera–Ready Chapters Submission Deadline
  • Spring 2021 Planned Book Publication

The full call for chapters